Your Industry Sector

Whatever type of business you are in, you will have data either in paper form or electronically stored information that you need to keep confidential.  This information could be related to your business secrets, your suppliers, your customers or your staff.  You have a legal obligation under the Data Protection act to protect them all.

Here at SITR we understand that each business is different, and as such requires a different approach to secure shredding services.

Small businesses with fewer than 100 employees for example are looking for a cost effective service, in place of using a laborious in house shredding machine.

Large corporate businesses and organisations will need a comprehensive service, including detailed and accurate management reporting to ensure their audit trail is in place.

Public Sector, managers are looking to reduce costs where possible. Outsourcing secure shredding services to SITR will help reduce your internal costs, whilst keeping your data safe and secure.

The Financial sector deals with large amounts of confidential information, taking the form of paper records, electronic media such as on disk, hard drive or servers.

Whichever level of service you require and however you data is stored we can provide a certified secure and effective solution.