Sony Take Back Recycling Program

Sony_storeWe at support Sony’s take back program.

This works fine for individual consiumers but if you have a wide range of IT manufacturers products to dispose of your are better off talking to a company such as and let us manage the recycling program for you.

Sony however say:

“All equipment received by the Sony Store Trade-in Program will either be reconditioned or recycled. Some equipment may be sold into the secondary or used marketplace in its whole machine form, and some equipment may be disassembled and sold off as usable service parts. Equipment that cannot be reused or refurbished will be designated for recycling and will be broken down into its raw material format and used to produce new materials. The Sony Store Trade-in Program employs a zero tolerance landfill policy.”

We at could not have written it better, that’s waht we do RECYCLE!

Contact for more information.

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