Our Security

“we pride ourselves in offering your company as much help as possible to safeguard your sensitive material between our visits”

security containers

Just some of the records now considered confidential are:-

  • Internal Memos
  • Quotations
  • Financial Records
  • Employee Records
  • Client Files
  • Correspondence
  • Payroll Records
  • Uniforms
  • Medical Records
  • Legal Records
  • Tachographs
  • Etc…

Even a memo with a name and telephone number is now considered confidential.

In addition to paper we can also destroy on site at your premises:-

  • Cardboard
  • Helmets
  • Computer disks
  • Audiotapes
  • CD ROMs
  • Microfilm
  • Videotape
  • Uniforms
  • Files

Did you Know ?

All companies with employees must now by law be registered with the Data Protection Registrar.

You have full responsibility for your confidential waste until it has been completely destroyed.

Irrelevant of age, all confidential unused files must still be securely destroyed.

Severe penalties (of up to £500,000) can now be imposed upon companies and their directors for any confidential or sensitive material found by an outside party.

Confidential documents taken off site for destruction could be in circulation for up to five days.

Even a memo with a name and phone number is now considered confidential.

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