security legislation

“solving the headache of data protection compliance”

All companies now have to comply with secure document destruction as a legal requirement. Any organisation that fails to fully comply with current legislation may face severe and costly penalties.

SITR take the worry out of meeting legislation requirements because we deal with keeping up to date with new laws and regulations, leaving you to concentrate on running and developing your business.

We ensure that all our destruction services are fully compliant with current privacy requirements, which means that your business will remain compliant too.

The Data Protection Act 1998 covers a wide variety of information and all organisations have a responsibility to store and dispose of that information securely.

SITR can securely deal with destruction all of the following in compliance with data protection legislation:

  • invoices
  • employee application forms
  • employee records
  • ID cards and badges
  • CCTV tapes and CDs
  • uniforms and PPE equipment
  • company letterhead
  • business cards
  • brochures, flyers, leaflets
  • diaries
  • marketing plans
  • business plans and budgets
  • financial accounts
  • printed letters
  • printed emails
  • CDs, USBs, floppy disks
  • microfiche
  • branded goods
  • damaged or faulty goods
  • used notebooks
  • customer databases – printed
  • customer databases – electronic
  • hard drives
  • reports
  • receipts
  • bills
  • medical records and notes
  • dental records
  • contracts amd order forms
  • student and pupil records
  • supplier records
  • photographs and negatives
  • client service logs
  • case files
  • delivery notes
  • mobile phones
  • statements
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