On and Off Site Data Destruction

Tapes, CD’s, Videos, Hard Drives Mobile Phones & Memory Sticks can all contain important data that can live on after disposal.

SITR offer Onsite and Offsite data destruction services using mobile shredders, CESG approved data wiping software and CESG approved degaussing systems. This gives you complete peace of mind when sensitive devices require secure disposal.

Mobile Shredding – OnSite or Offsite Shredding of data carrying devices using our dedicated shredding vehicle. Hard Drives, Tapes, video tapes, CDs DVDs and Mobile Phones can be dealt with securely, and recycled if possible.

We are a member of the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) and the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) who police the strict regulations we conform to when performing these services. All our processes are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited ensuring strict Quality Control and Security.

CESG approved Data Wiping – OnSite or Offsite wiping of your hard drives by one of our trained operatives using Ontrack® Eraser software. Ontrack® Eraser erases all traces of information stored on the media making recovery of data impossible.

Ontrack® Eraser is the most flexible data erasure solution on the market. It makes data erasure flexible, fast, secure and cost-efficient. Ontrack® Eraser can be run from Windows® and Linux® environments and can be run over networks or on individual PCs.

A full report of the wiping process is generated with all details stored of equipment wiped.

Ontrack® Eraser software is CESG Infosec 5 Lower & Higher Certified.

CESG approved Degaussing – OnSite degaussing or offsite degaussing of your hard drives by one of our trained operatives using one of our CESG approved Ontrack® Eraser Degausser’s.

Generating a peak field of 18,500 gauss, the Degausser cost-effectively renders media 100 percent wiped in a matter of seconds. This powerful electromagnetic field overcomes the varying Oersted levels of differing magnetic media and their manufacturer’s recommended gauss levels ensuring complete media device data destruction.

Ontrack® Eraser Degausser is CESG approved as a CCTM Certified product

If required, SITR UK can supply you with lockable containers for the storage of hard drives, backup tapes or other data sensitive devices. These are emptied to pre-determined schedule and shredded onsite at your convenience.

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