Computer Recycling Survey.

What would you do with your old computer?

Our advice would be to contact a company such as . At SITR we make sure that all data is destroyed and that the computer is either recycled for re-sale or disposed of in an approved fashion.

computer broke

However this question was asked of Which? Members. The results are somewhat surprising:

“A third of members (32%) would find somewhere to recycle their old PC and monitor – women and those aged 55 and over are more likely to say they’d do this (39% women vs 28% of men, 35% those over 55 vs 27% those under 55).

Just under three in ten (28%) would give them away to a family member or friend – men are more likely than women to say they would do this (30% vs 25% women).

One in ten (10%) would do something else – mentions included donating it to charity or using the Freecycle website.”


For more information and help of disposing of old computers contact

If you had acquired a computer from recycling, how confident would you be that it did not come with hidden extras?

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