Hard Drive and Media Destruction

shred drivesHard Drive and Media Destruction

Keeping up with the pace of technological change is a constant challenge irrelevant of the business sector you work in. Unfortunately, data thieves have discovered that confidential personal and company information is often left on old PCs, flash drives or other electronic media as firms update their existing systems.

What can companies do to ensure crucial data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands? The first thing to do is to contact a company like www.sitr.com

Even if you use software which claims to permanently erase data on hard drives there is still only one foolproof way of ensuring that the risk of a costly security breach has been prevented and that is to use www.sitr.com secure solutions to protect electronic data.

www.sitr.com has technology that drills through the hard disk’s spindle causing the platter to ripple and tear making data retrieval impossible and providing total peace of mind.

Destroyed hard drives are taken back to www.sitr.com for further shredding and recycling.

Customers are provided with an itemised Certificate of Destruction to give total peace of mind.

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