France recovers over 60% of it’s waste

franceAs it is August we felt it would be good to look at our favorite European destiations and find some of the facts about what goes on in Europe. tells us that:

“France is the second biggest producer of waste in the European Union, with a total of 355 million tonnes. In 2010 64% of this waste was recovered, according to a report by the Department of the Commissioner-General for Sustainable Development (CGDD) published in January 2013.

France recycles 60% of its waste. That figure includes filling quarries (with mineral waste). Excluding that activity, the recycling rate drops to 47%, but in terms of waste recovery, i.e. recycling and incineration with recovery of energy, the rate rises to 64%, all types of waste taken together”.

Good to hear but we at feel 60% is the least that should be acheived, contact us at to understand how working with us can protect you and the environment.



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