Who should Shred Onsite?

Closeup of female hands with shredded papersThe service is ideal for SME businesses who don’t want to get involved in the detail of arranging collection.

The simplest way of disposing of sensitive data is have secure bins on site, allow a compmnay like www.sitr.com to visit and shred the sensitive data on-site.

A regular schedule can be set up ensuring continuity and making sure your organisation is compliant.

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How does the imposter take your identity?

stolen identity“It is easy. All that is needed is your national insurance number, your birth date and other identifying information such as your address and phone number and whatever else they can find out about you. With this information, and a false driver’s license with their own picture, they can begin the crime.

They apply in person for instant credit, or through the mail by posing as you. They often provide an address of their own, claiming to have moved. Negligent credit grantors in their rush to issue credit do not verify information or addresses. So once the imposter opens the first account, they use this new account along with the other identifiers to add to their credibility. This facilitates the proliferation of the fraud. Now the thief is well on his/her way to getting rich and ruining your credit and good name.” 


We just highlighted this article because as a company you will have so much information about your staff and clients, you must take data disposal seriously contact www.sitr.com to see how we can help you.

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How to make data ready for shredding

sitr yorkshire bales

Your needs as a client  vary, to assist your disposal we offer, security sacks, containers of various capacities or sealed skips for high volumes.

All transported in a secure vehicle, from your site directly to ours or shredded on site, contact www.sitr.com to fine our how best to prepare your data for shredding.

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Lockable and secure bins for data collection

security containersIt is ok just to shred your data but it is equally important that the data is securely stored prior to shredding!

We have a variety of lockable confidential waste bins or skips that will suit the needs of the smaller business or individual, up to the large local, national or international organisations.

Keep the data safe so that the experts at www.sitr.com can make sure all data is disposed of and give 100% security to you and you business.

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Environmental Protection Act 1990

environmentAgencyThe Environmental Protection Act establishes the ‘duty of care’ in relation to the handling of all waste, including IT waste.

This legislative measure lays down that the person or persons responsible for waste arising from a business must ensure that disposal takes place in an environmentally sound and ethical manner.

Typically this includes ensuring that waste equipment is passed only to an Authorised Waste Carrier and handled only by Authorised Waste Management facilities.

Both individuals and company representatives can face serious legal consequences should they ignore this obligation.

At www.sitr.com we can help you meet your obligations head on!

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