Samsung’s Big Responsibility

samsung_galaxyWe at align our strategy with that of the major corporates, they are big companies with big responsibilities and Samsung is no exception.For Samsung’s web site we read” “We have a passion for creating products and services that deliver on the promise of innovation, enable people’s imaginations and do right by the environment. These virtues are exemplified by our Samsung Recycling Direct [SM] program, which affords consumers a number of smart ways to help make the world a better, cleaner place.”

We at echo Samsungs’s words and wherever possible re-use, and recycle IT equipement avioiding landfill whenever we can, we take our “Big Resposibility” seriously.

Contact for more information.

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What Dell say about Asset Disposition

Dell_LogoAt we work closely with corporations such as Dell, the statement below is one we have taken from Dell’s web site that really explains why data management is so important.

Dell says…..

“Identity theft. Standards compliance. Environmental liability. While every company strives to be environmentally sensitive, these concerns also weigh on today’s businesses. From personal financial information to highly confidential health records, the information on business servers, desktops and laptops includes sensitive and proprietary data that cannot be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.”

If they take it seriously then so should you, contact for more informatiom


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Asset Management – When to Sell

sell-your-computer-for-cashThis is an excellent question and one that we at ask our clients to concider very carefully.

You have 100 computers today the are worth £500 each as the are new, in 6 months they are worth £300 in two years they are worth £100 and in two years and 1 day they are worth £0

As new products are released there is always a critical time to sell.

So if you sold you 500 computers within a two year period you get some return, if you delay you get nothing.

The decision is this, is it worth continuing with the old computers as they do the job and therefore try and max the usage, if so that’s fine but there will be a disposal costs!

Or do you replace old with new and get what you can for the Asset, this is asset management, weighing up when and when not to sell, usage over resale price.

Contact for advise on managening and disposing of your assets.

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Drum Shredder Machine

At we use similar equipment to the clip shown here on YouTube. the drum shredder is ideal for destroying fax machines, printers and hard drive.

It guarantees that NO data can be retrieved.

Contact to shred you old IT equipment.

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Does my old IT equipment have any value?


Yes it can do, but it does depend on its age, the condition and what is actually inside the PC or printer.

There is often value in parts, hard drives and RAM Memory boards at we do our best to extract as much value out of your old assetts as possible, once again the issue is often age and condition.

Contact us at for a free consultation as to the value of your old IT assets.

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