Sony Take Back Recycling Program

Sony_storeWe at support Sony’s take back program.

This works fine for individual consiumers but if you have a wide range of IT manufacturers products to dispose of your are better off talking to a company such as and let us manage the recycling program for you.

Sony however say:

“All equipment received by the Sony Store Trade-in Program will either be reconditioned or recycled. Some equipment may be sold into the secondary or used marketplace in its whole machine form, and some equipment may be disassembled and sold off as usable service parts. Equipment that cannot be reused or refurbished will be designated for recycling and will be broken down into its raw material format and used to produce new materials. The Sony Store Trade-in Program employs a zero tolerance landfill policy.”

We at could not have written it better, that’s waht we do RECYCLE!

Contact for more information.

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Hitachi and the WEEE Directive

HitachiAnother major IT giant that take waste and IT disposal seriously is Hitachi.Using their program is fine but you have a batch of old IT across many different suppliers, there is no way you will have the time to take part in the excellent programs on offer from Hitachi and others.

Easier is to use as a one stop IT disposal shop.

Hitachi say this about their web site:

“This site has been created as part of Hitachi’s response to the EU directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). The aim of this site is to provide information to reuse centres, treatment and recycling facilities to enable them to identify the different EEE components and materials, as well as the location of dangerous substances and preparations in EEE within Hitachi products.”

To dispose of your IT contact

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Sitr Nationwide

You can contact our head office on 0800 037 777 and arrange a local agent to support your business.

We can support small to medium local companies or back up multinational organisations with multiple sites across the UK. can ghelp you consoludate your data disposal and waste management strategy from a UK wide perspective.

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SITR Group – Our Divisions

SITR Group continues to extend their reach in to a number of different markets with expertise and determination. Historically SITR have strived and succeeded to be market leaders in a number of different sectors, primarily focusing on recycling promoting a business solution that has a positive impact our environment.

Over the past 3 years the group has gone through a number of positive changes which has lead to the company utilising its expertise in a number of new market sectors which in turn has created new divisions and the creation of new employment opportunities for the local region.


Over the past decade SITR has proved to be the leading light in secure document destruction services for small, medium and large enterprises throughout the UK. Such was the gravitas of the SITR business solution their “paper” division was acquired by a global leader in paper recycling to assist in their acquisition growth plan. The continued request from past customers and new companies for SITR to help facilitate their secure document destruction services lead to the re-launch of the SITR Paper division. Covering the whole of the UK SITR ‘Paper’ continue to grow both in reputation and size month on month, utilising both on and off site services, SITR continue to build an impressive client base and are constantly looking at expanding their services and capabilities.


IT continues to drive industry forward, but with the positive effect on global communications, stream lined business services, there is also a negative effect on the environmental issues on advancing information technology. Computers are an ever increasing “commodity” product, advances in technology ensure that industry standards are updated on a very frequent basis and companies need to keep up with changes in both hardware and software. The government is constantly monitoring the use of IT equipment in the business world and how equipment is disposed of, the WEEE directive is now at the top of most IT departments agenda’s and making sure their companies is compliant. SITR have lead the field in reduce, re-use &, re-cycle for many years, expanding a true business solution from client asset management solutions to simple ‘collect and recycle’ services, ensuring every company has a service and solution to meet their budgets.

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