Practice Managers FREE Event

A FREE event is being held in at the ‘Business Design Centre’ for NHS Practice managers entitled “Management in Practice”.


It will ……”….. examine the role of management in maximising resources and improving outcomes for staff and patients.” 

The event is on 16th October, 2014 at time TBC. Click here

It is noted in the management in Practice web site that data breaches within the NHS have occurred.

We are not privy to the contents of the seminar but are sure that data protection will be discussed, one sure way of making sure data is destroyed in the correct fashion is to contact us at Secure Data Recycling

Free Tickets are available.

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A Shredder is a Shredder…right? …Wrong!

The most common shredder problem is jamming, where an impatient employee tries to feed a telephone directory into a machine designed for domestic use.

Power and capacity is important, to save your employee the time to watch it,  an engineers’ time repairing it or you the cost of replacing it!

It goes deeper though because many shredders simply cut the paper into lines.  Cross cut, shredders desiccate the paper, making reconstruction impossible, unless you like million piece jigsaws!

jigsaw puzzle

A cross cutter is slower and more liable to jamming but is a required standard for most confidential material.  The noise, mess and disruption can be significant in a working environment.

Give us at SITR your problem, we would be delighted to solve it for you.

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IT Disposal & Confidential Waste Disposal for the NHS

“So you want a secure, low cost and green ICT disposal & Confidential Waste Disposal service from an experienced and professional company who care about the environment ?”

SITR is working in partnership with NHS Shared Business Services to provide Acute Trusts and PCT’s with unique and sustainable IT disposal services for all their WEEE waste.

As one a few preferred suppliers, SITR is working to deliver site specific cost neutral managed services in a transparent and open manner. This is achieved through the minimum disruption and maximise return to the NHS trusts.

Our close working arrangements are currently available to NHS establishments in the North West with plans to roll out services nationwide in the foreseeable future.

Our Team has a wealth of experience with the NHS and Health Trusts.


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