A Shredder is a Shredder…right? …Wrong!

The most common shredder problem is jamming, where an impatient employee tries to feed a telephone directory into a machine designed for domestic use.

Power and capacity is important, to save your employee the time to watch it,  an engineers’ time repairing it or you the cost of replacing it!

It goes deeper though because many shredders simply cut the paper into lines.  Cross cut, shredders desiccate the paper, making reconstruction impossible, unless you like million piece jigsaws!

jigsaw puzzle

A cross cutter is slower and more liable to jamming but is a required standard for most confidential material.  The noise, mess and disruption can be significant in a working environment.

Give us at SITR your problem, we would be delighted to solve it for you.

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What Dell say about Asset Disposition

Dell_LogoAt www.sitr.com we work closely with corporations such as Dell, the statement below is one we have taken from Dell’s web site that really explains why data management is so important.

Dell says…..

“Identity theft. Standards compliance. Environmental liability. While every company strives to be environmentally sensitive, these concerns also weigh on today’s businesses. From personal financial information to highly confidential health records, the information on business servers, desktops and laptops includes sensitive and proprietary data that cannot be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.”

If they take it seriously then so should you, contact www.sitr.com for more informatiom


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Financial Information and Data Shredding

Like many legal firms, accounting practices need to store data in a secure area for a given length of time, after which they need to destroy that data.

Most accounting companies will have a strategy in place to have their clients historical financial data stored in a secure area, once the need to store the old document has come to and end the financial data is then shredded to guarantee total security for their clients.

BUT, how many small, medium or even large companies have a room with all their old financial history stored within it, an old cupboard or back room, perhaps not even locked.

We all have to keep old financial records but how many of us have a proper strategy set in stone. Contact www.sitr.com for guidance on your data storage and destruction strategy.

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