WEEE Documentation and Asset Reports

computer recyclingwww.sitr.com create a unique job number for every collection.

On the day of collection we provide both a Duty of Care Transfer Note and Hazardous Waste Consignment Note, which have to be signed by both the customer and CDL representative.

An asset report is produced for every collection. Every item of equipment with the exception of minor peripherals is logged into the asset report. Asset reports are forwarded to the customer in electronic format.

This report would contain the make, model and specification of each item of piece of equipment, equipment condition, customer asset number, equipment serial number


Each item would then be given a unique sitr reference number, after collection the data equipment is either destroyed or cleaned, wiped and resold, the report would then have in addition the data erase certification for individual hard drives, confirmation of resale or disposal and any additional comments as needed.

In short every asset will be traced from the moment it leaves your premises to the moment it is either destroyed or sold.

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Recruiting an IT asset disposal partner

red-shredderThere are a number of key requirements company’s and organisations must take into account when looking into and contracting a IT asset disposal partner such as www.sitr.com

In order to protect yourself and your company or organisation, you MUST enter into a contract with an approved partner.

A contract must be set in place between the two parties. The contract will define the obligations of both parties, basically it is your responsibility to dispose of data, but, as long as you have a binding contract with a company such as www.sitr.com, once signed the responsibility passes to them. Your responsibilities are covered.

At www.sitr.com we would specify the appropriate tools to be used in the data destruction process, be it actual physical destruction of the hard drives themselves or, alternatively, the use of data erasure software. Any data erasure software must be independently verified as being effective and to CESG approval in the UK.

The process must also be open to Audit and inspection from an external Auditor.

In short for you the contract and choice of partner is the most important step in the process.

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This post has been cut directly from our web site in order to show all our accreditations and policies.

At www.sitr.com we are very pround of our accreditations, for you as a customer or potential client it is important to know that you data is being managed by a professional.

Waste Management Licence Waste Management Licence

It is an offence to carry out activities including keeping, recycling, crushing, baling, composting or dismantling waste materials without an appropriate permit, waste management license or registered exemption.

Whether you need a permit, waste management licence or an exemption will depend on the types and quantity of wastes which you are handling and the activity being carried out on the site.

Waste Carriers Licence Waste Carriers Licence

A waste carrier’s licence is a permit that is required for the transportation of waste by businesses.

BSIA Certificate BSIA Certificate

The British Security Industry Association is the trade association for the private security industry in the UK. Our members provide over 70% of UK security products and services and adhere to strict quality standards.

Public and Product Liability Insurance Certificate Public & Product Liability Insurance Certificate

Insurance protects your business from a financial standpoint and it protects the interests of the public by ensuring that they can claim appropriate compensation.

Employers Liability Insurance Certificate Employers Liability Insurance Certificate

If you have employees, there is a chance that they may become injured at work or become ill as a result of working for you. If this happens, they might be entitled to claim compensation. Employers’ liability insurance covers this cost.

ISO 9001 Certificate ISO 9001 Certificate

The standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.

ISO 14001 Certificate ISO 14001 Certificate

ISO 14000 is a family of standards related to environmental management that exists to help organizations minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment.

ISO 27001 Certificate ISO 27001 Certificate

ISO 27001 is the international standard describing best practice for an Information Security Management System, often shorted to ‘ISMS’.

How to evaluate a data destruction company How to evaluate a data destruction company

lf you decide you need to contract with a third-party service to help destroy your data, here are a few questions to consider as you evaluate their service…..

OP Policies ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO27001 OP Policies ISO9001 ISO14001 & ISO27001

Quality, Environmental and information Security Policies.

Health & Safety policy Health & Safety policy

This document sets out SITR UK Ltd’s current policy on the management of health and safety risks associated within the following areas:

  • Paper & IT Recycling Plant
  • Office Environment
  • Working Off Site

It provides an overview of the arrangements for managing significant health and safety risks and ensuring that the responsibility for day-to-day management is, where appropriate, effectively transferred from the top management, through line management, to all staff and operatives.

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IT Disposal & Document Destruction for the Corporate Sector

“Do you have an IT disposal strategy? “

SITR offer you the complete package of services that can be tailored to suit.

In the current financial climate all organisations both large and small need look at ways to save money or even create revenue streams. At SITR we want to keep your costs to a minimum and help you maximize the residual value of your IT Equipment while still conforming the Government WEEE Legislation and ensuring that data on your media is destroyed in a compliant and eco friendly way.

Will my data be compromised ? 

All data carrying devices will be subject to our comprehensive destruction processes using CESG certified products up to and including Infosec Level 5. We are proud members of the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) and the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) who police the strict regulations we conform to when performing these services.

Is your service WEEE compliant ? 

We are licensed by the Environment Agency as a WEEE Treatment Facility & our Recycling process follows (BATRRT) Best Available Treatment Recovery and Recycling Techniques and treatment of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). A Fully compliant service issuing Certificates of Destruction, Waste Transfer Notes and Hazardous Waste Transfer Notes.

Can I check on the recycling processes ? 

Once your equipment is collected and booked into our waste management facility you’ll be given access to our customer portal where you will be able check on the progress and using our unique set of online tools integrate our reports into your management systems.

Does my redundant equipment have any residual value ? 

It is important to maximise the value of your investment made in IT assets. In many circumstances SITR can offers cost neutral services and revenue return.

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