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Baby boom in SITR Sales office!

Be careful folks, we think there’s something in the water because 3 of our Advisors are expectant dads.  We’re a small team here, so that’s almost 20 percent of our workforce.

We’ll be needing our own creche soon!

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Expanding team

Our expanding team has 4 new additions for September:

Scott Hampton

Lee Perry

Scott Vickers

Tom Snowball

They’ve completed their classroom days and learnt the basics, they know what we do and how we do it and now they’ve been let loose on the phones, if you’re lucky enough to speak to any of them please, be nice!

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Burning Confidential Waste.

An e-petition has been launched which calls for the burning of confidential waste to be banned.

e petition

An e-petition can be opened by any UK Citizen and upon the collection of 100,000 signatures, the issue must be considered for debate in the Houses of Parliament. Since January this petition has gained 2 signatures. This, of course, may be caused by a lack of publicity rather than a poor proposal.

If you want to avoid burning data, contact and find out how cost effective it is to have your data shredded.

Shredding your data gives you full traceability and is better for the environment as the paper can then be recycled.

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A Shredder is a Shredder…right? …Wrong!

The most common shredder problem is jamming, where an impatient employee tries to feed a telephone directory into a machine designed for domestic use.

Power and capacity is important, to save your employee the time to watch it,  an engineers’ time repairing it or you the cost of replacing it!

It goes deeper though because many shredders simply cut the paper into lines.  Cross cut, shredders desiccate the paper, making reconstruction impossible, unless you like million piece jigsaws!

jigsaw puzzle

A cross cutter is slower and more liable to jamming but is a required standard for most confidential material.  The noise, mess and disruption can be significant in a working environment.

Give us at SITR your problem, we would be delighted to solve it for you.

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Recycle Versus Security ?

Many companies believe that this is a choice………….you either recycle or you securely dispose.

At  we believe that these requirements are not conflicting, or contradictory but complimentary. As an accredited third party we can provide an independent audited element which will re-assure your suppliers that they are getting an absolutely secure disposal service, whilst still achieving recycling targets.

paper waste





Disposal can be carried out by our staff, yet supervised by yours, thus preventing corruption, inside dealing and identity theft.



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