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A Shredder is a Shredder…right? …Wrong!

The most common shredder problem is jamming, where an impatient employee tries to feed a telephone directory into a machine designed for domestic use.

Power and capacity is important, to save your employee the time to watch it,  an engineers’ time repairing it or you the cost of replacing it!

It goes deeper though because many shredders simply cut the paper into lines.  Cross cut, shredders desiccate the paper, making reconstruction impossible, unless you like million piece jigsaws!

jigsaw puzzle

A cross cutter is slower and more liable to jamming but is a required standard for most confidential material.  The noise, mess and disruption can be significant in a working environment.

Give us at SITR your problem, we would be delighted to solve it for you.

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Recycle Versus Security ?

Many companies believe that this is a choice………….you either recycle or you securely dispose.

At  we believe that these requirements are not conflicting, or contradictory but complimentary. As an accredited third party we can provide an independent audited element which will re-assure your suppliers that they are getting an absolutely secure disposal service, whilst still achieving recycling targets.

paper waste





Disposal can be carried out by our staff, yet supervised by yours, thus preventing corruption, inside dealing and identity theft.



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In House Data Shredding

We’ve spoken about this service previously but we feel it is worth discussing again. We’d like to remind you that can destroy confidential data without removing it from your premises.

We will provide you with secure storage for your documents, we’ll then arrive on-site and shred the documents.

You can keep a record of the data that is placed in the bins and we’ll create a full report confirming the destruction and offering you complete traceability and peace of mind.

Contact us at  to discuss how we can help keep your data safe.

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NHS Patient Data Confidentiality

This link to the NHS web site shows clearly what is considered sensitive data by the NHS.

Once you’ve read the link, you soon realise how much sensitive information is given to our Doctors, Hospitals and in general to large organisations.

We at work with the NHS and other, similar large organisations to ensure that all confidential data, whether on paper or hard drives, is destroyed correctly.          This ensures that there is NO possibility that the data can fall into the wrong hands and be misused. is fully accredited in data management and destruction, contact  to see how we can help secure the end of life data management for your NHS Trust or Doctors Practice.

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What is Data Destruction?

Data destruction is the process of destroying data, stored on tapes, hard disks and other forms of electronic media, so that it is completely unreadable and cannot be accessed or used for unauthorised purposes.

The key words here are: “Completely Unreadable”

Easy to say, but not all companies that handle old Tapes and Hard drives use the latest technology, ensuring that old data is “Completely Unreadable”.

Our advice at is to audit your supplier and get a second opinion from a company such as

Never assume, make sure that your data is destroyed correctly and, that you have full traceability from the moment that it was destroyed.

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