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Employee Record Retention

retention recordIn creating these blogs we are always on the look out for interesting stories that tell us why we need to make sure that data is shredded properly.

Amy Letke tells the story of the Nassau Police department who shredded their employee records and then used the shredded paper as confetti as a thanks giving festival.

The problem was this…

Spectators at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade got a little more than they bargained for when they looked up into the confetti-filled sky. Along with the standard multi-colored confetti, shredded Long Island police records rained down on them.

It turns out a Nassau County Police Department employee tossed the confidential confetti during the parade.

Unfortunately, the records were not shredded completely, leaving confidential information still visible. There were phone numbers, addresses, Social Security numbers, license plate numbers, incident reports and personal information revealing undercover officers. Also among the easily identifiable records from the Police Department were what appeared to be details of Mitt Romney’s motorcade route to and from the final presidential debate at Hofstra University.”

Can you imagine! to make sure you dispose of your data prop[erly contact and make sure this could never happen to your old records


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Zero Waste Economy

Towards Zero are proud to be part of the Governments “Zero Waste Economy”

As the White Paper says  “We generate about 177 million tonnes of waste every year in England alone. This is a poor use of resources and costs businesses and households money. It also causes environmental damage – for example, waste sent to landfill produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

We want to move towards a ‘zero waste economy’. This doesn’t mean that no waste exists – it’s a society where resources are fully valued, financially and environmentally. It means we reduce, reuse and recycle all we can, and throw things away only as a last resort.”

We at adhere to the above statement and you can be part of this program as well by contacting and make sure your waste is managed and avoids landfill!

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Top 10 Tips for Hard drive destruction!

top-10-tipsThis article from PC Pro is a bit of fun, it suggests everything from a welding torch to a hammer to destroy your old hard drives.

One excerpt suggests…..

“2 – “What’s wrong with an angle grinder?” asked Simon – a fair question considering that one of these fearsome tools could be used to instantly slice through hard disks rather than being used as a prop on Britain’s Got Talent. If there’s anyone out there with an angle grinder going spare, then we’re keen to see precisely how many sparks fly when disc meets platter – grinders to the usual address, please.”

The article has many other suggestions all of which have merit, but at we take the matter a little more seriously, each drive must be accounted for, the drive must be completely destroyed and the metals must be recycled.

You need to know that the job has been done by a professional organisation and NOT by Simon with his angle grinder.

Talk to the professionals at

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Wise words from Greenpeace

GreenpeaceWe at are in the IT Recycling business, what we do helps secure the environment, give you as a client of the security that your old IT is not getting dropped into landfill!

Greenpeace say this:

“Every year, hundreds of thousands of old computers and mobile phones are dumped in landfills or burned in smelters. Thousands more are exported, often illegally, from the Europe, US, Japan and other industrialised countries, to Asia. There, workers at scrap yards, some of whom are children, are exposed to a cocktail of toxic chemicals and poisons.”

We all must take the issue of IT disposal seriously, maybe not campaign as hard as Greenpeace, but do our bit!

Contact to dispose of your IT properly.

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Why can’t I shred my own data?

red-shredderYou may consider dealing with your confidential waste in house. However, this comes with several drawbacks:

  1. You need to purchase and maintain a shredding machine.
  2. The machine can be noisy and messy
  3. Shredders can be bulky, taking up much needed office space
  4. Disposing of the shredded paper in an environmentally friendly way may not be convenient
  5. Waste paper will need to be recycled to comply with Waste Management Regulations 2011.
  6. The management of the shredding process will take up valuable time of your staff

Using professional, confidential waste destruction service provider such as will protect your business, protect your staff and your reputation. Our Information Security Specialist are dedicated to comply with the BS EN 15713:2009 European standard for document destruction. We understand that shredding your own documents is an easy and cheaper alternative, however it may not be as secure as you think, and you may think you’re saving money but you will be shocked at how much you are risking.

Delegate the responsibility contact

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