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Secure Shredding

Data is priceless to the unscrupulous, be it health related data or even secure military information, it all needs to be shredded in such a way that it can be traced, but that everything is shredded to a level that means it can never be used again.

Yes, we are stating the obvious BUT it must be done properly, we can shred data on-site or off-site, we can arrange for secure containers and we record and report on exactly what and when it has been destroyed.

If you are sitting on a large amount of confidential information that needs to be shredded, contact for peace of mind..share the responsibility and NEVER cut corners.

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Can my old IT generate cash?

moneyA question we are asked at daily.

The answer is of course YES, but it all depends on how old your IT is and also what it is.  For example, do you have a lot of server based product or have you lots of aging laptops?

Laptops, Hard Drives, Monitors and RAM memory generate revenue, all need to be wiped, tested and presented in a fit state for sale.

Other types of equipment also need to be be wiped and destroyed, organised and then recycled rather than re-sold.

As you can see, this is a complex problem, but one we at are experts at.

Contact us at to see how we can help you manage the disposal of your old IT assets and generate some return where ever we can.

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Plastic Recycling

recycling-plasticAll plastic can be recycled, if you want to ensure that all the plastic waste from your organisation is sorted, collected and then recycled, contact us a

We are happy to arrange for the necessary collection points and advise on a waste disposal strategy for your company.

Contact us at to find out more about recycling plastics.

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This is taken directly from our own web site

“We are simplifying starting up your own business…

The franchise program presented by the SITR group is an opportunity specifically designed to offer a new and profitable venture across your own exclusive region… the start of your future begins here!

SITR are inviting franchise partners the chance to own and develop a business that offers profitability, sustainability and continues to be in high demand throughout the UK. The legal requirements and ethical responsibilities to securely destroy confidential material have fuelled a significant growth in the SITR Mobile Document Shredding business. Providing both on-site and off-site services SITR can offer entrepreneurs around the UK the chance to build their own business within an established brand in a market that is showing growth patterns of 20-30% a year.”

Contact Us at to find out about our franchise offerring and start your own business today.

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What does E-Waste mean?

a-chinese-child-sits-amongst-ae-waste — Is today’s term for discarded computers, monitors, hard drives, copiers, printers, fax machines, telephones of all types, and even televisions.

Two factors currently drive e-waste collection and recycling.

Companies must ensure data security by destroying their old computers or hard drives.

Governments around the world support, or require, e-waste collection because of the hazardous metals and chemicals in many components.

It is a complex product with many different materials such as plastics, glass, dangerous chemicals etc.

At we know how to best handle all these different materials and dispose of them in a way that ensures old data is destroyed and the material is disposed of or recycled in an enviromentally approved way.

Contact to find out more.


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