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Lockable and secure bins for data collection

security containersIt is ok just to shred your data but it is equally important that the data is securely stored prior to shredding!

We have a variety of lockable confidential waste bins or skips that will suit the needs of the smaller business or individual, up to the large local, national or international organisations.

Keep the data safe so that the experts at can make sure all data is disposed of and give 100% security to you and you business.

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Asset Management

Asset management is a key part of any business strategy, making sure that old computer equipment is disposed of securely and in accordance with all the environmental issues as well as generating as much financial return for your old equipment as possible.


This is where come in, whevere possible we RE USE rather than dispose of equipement, thus generating revenue for you.


We permanently destroy data without compromise and always use the latest technology, thus giving you peace of mind.


If disposal is the only option available to us, equipment is broken down into its key material elements and recycled wherever possible, meeting our desired aim of ZERO LANDFILL!


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UK companies failing to recycle computer equipment

companies-in-the-ukThe quote below is taken from and it shows that so many companies are still not taking IT Recycling seriously, to avoid fines contact us at and dispose of your IT in accordance with the UK and European regulations.

“Survey reveals concerns over confidential data falling into the wrong hands are putting firms off recycling.

Around 95 per cent of computers owned by UK business end up in landfill, according to a survey.

Recycling company said nearly all firms still send electronic waste to landfill rather than make arrangements for it to be collected, reused or recycled.

The firm surveyed 500 customers and prospects, and only five per cent said they had plans in place to responsibly dispose of electronic waste.

It said many businesses are unaware of UK and Europe-wide regulations regarding the disposal of electrical and electronic equipment”.

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Environmental Protection Act 1990

environmentAgencyThe Environmental Protection Act establishes the ‘duty of care’ in relation to the handling of all waste, including IT waste.

This legislative measure lays down that the person or persons responsible for waste arising from a business must ensure that disposal takes place in an environmentally sound and ethical manner.

Typically this includes ensuring that waste equipment is passed only to an Authorised Waste Carrier and handled only by Authorised Waste Management facilities.

Both individuals and company representatives can face serious legal consequences should they ignore this obligation.

At we can help you meet your obligations head on!

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Sitr Nationwide

You can contact our head office on 0800 037 777 and arrange a local agent to support your business.

We can support small to medium local companies or back up multinational organisations with multiple sites across the UK. can ghelp you consoludate your data disposal and waste management strategy from a UK wide perspective.

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