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Onsite Data Destruction

data destructionAt SITR we understand that much of your data will be very confidential, to that end we do not just arrive and collect all your old paper documents ready for disposal, if necessary if the material is very sensitive, we will bring all the necessary equipment to your premises and shred it there.

It is a must in this modern world to ensure that data is destroyed in a way that can be fully traced and in a way that does not allow competitors and criminals to get hold of your information.

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How much information is on your emails?

We think this is a great question to pose.

Just imagine you have 1000 employees, each sends and receives in total around 100 emails a day, each of those emails goes through and the information is held on your email server.

Just imagine how important that data is!

We spoke in an earlier blog about servers, well sitting along site your data server is often an email server, make sure when you upgrade the older server is removed and either wiped or destroyed by a company like SITR.

Any by the way using the numbers above that’s 36 Million emails…MANAGE your data properly!

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Why pay to have Hard Drives destroyed when I can use a hammer?

shred drivesThat’s a fair point, as I guess with your own PC at home you can pop into the back garden and smash the hard drive into pieces! Making sure of course that you separate all the materials afterwards and dispose of them properly.

In many cases the best way to dispose of an old hard drive is simply to destroy it, but if you’re a business then you need a record that the destruction has taken place!

Maybe you have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of old computers and hard drives, each came into your company with a serial number linked to a hard copy printed invoice, so each drive needs to go out of your company with the serial number printed on a note of disposal.

As a business, you need the paperwork to prove that an authorised company such as SITR has disposed of your old hard drives and computers, to ensure that you are fully covered for data protection and the department of the environment.

Remember, the penalties for not complying with the Government’s rules and regulations can be very severe, fines can run into hundreds of thousands.


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Data Protection Act

Data-protection-1998This is a direct quote from web site

“All UK organisations must comply with the Data Protection Act (DPA). If your organisation is found to be in breach of the DPA, not only will you incur possible loss of business and brand damage but you could be subject to a penalty from The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Amongst its powers, the ICO can prosecute and issue fines of up to £500,000 and undertake proceedings that can lead to prison sentences.

On this page we will explain about different Data Protection Penalties and how they can be prevented.”

Take disposal of your old computers and paperwork seriously, always contact a company such as SITR and never cut corners!.

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Computer Recycling

computer disposalWhen you sit in front of your computer, typing away or surfing the internet, one thing that probably does not cross your mind is that you are handling hazardous material. We are not talking about computer viruses or dodgy websites here. We are talking about some of the materials used in the manufacturing process . There’s no need to be concerned though as the material is safely housed within the computer during its useful lifetime.

What happens to it though once it is ready for the scrapheap is a cause for concern. Which is why SITR IT Collection, Computer Recycling & Computer Disposal Services is such a valuable service to clients around the UK.

If you want to find out more about our services CLICK HERE to contact us, fill out the form and we’ll get back to you.

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