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Mobile Shredding

sitr van and ronIf you have a large facility with several offices, SITR can bring to your premises a mobile unit for the disposal of your data.

No it is not a “Skip” but, high quality shredding machines and paperwork to support the fact that you have disposed of confidential documents in the correct manner.

Too often companies sidestep the issue of data destruction, only to find out at a later date at great cost to both the business and in some cases, individuals, the error of their ways.

Contact us at SITR and make sure data destruction is taken seriously

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Things you should Shred NOW!

bank statementOld bank statements, documents with your national insurance number in them, vehicle registration, insurance documents etc

Just remember when you buy something your are asked for ID, often in the form of a Utility Bill or driving licence, if someone else can obtain that information they can soon become you!

Shred, shred and shred again!

For corporates it is really important as you have a responsibility to your staff, so contact SITR to ensure all your data is removed from site and destroyed in a way that is fully traceable!

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Paper Waste Disposal

paper wasteWe are all getting much better at managing our waste, separating paper and card from plastics and so on.

At SITR we provide different types of skips and bins to aid this process, contact SITR to find out the best way to help protect the environment and dispose of your paper, card and other waste in a secure and safe way.

Within the scope of this you must take time to train your staff, at SITR we can help you in educating your staff of what to do with waste and perhaps even more importantly, disposing of confidential information.


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Old Servers

server disposalSo often tucking in a corner of an IT room sits and old seeming redundant server. The server will be worth nothing to you or us, but the data contained within could prove Gold in the wrong hands.

The server is the hub of information, everything you did, used and backed up probably still sits on it.

Our advice at SITR is contact us and let us walk through your facility with you, isolate any old IT equipment that is no longer fit for purpose or broken.

Once identified each item will be registered in our system, collected and then disposed of in a secure and environmentally friendly fashion.

The hard drives will be destroyed and your data will never see the light of day again.

Better still you will be given a report showing what happened to every item, every step if the way through it’s destruction and ultimate disposal.

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Generate cash from old IT

Sell-Computer-bitsThis can be done where the technology is generally less than 2 years old, laptops, tablets and desktop PC’s can carry a residual value as can their components.


In order to take a sales executives’ laptop and turn it into money, a process needs to be followed.

The item must be collected and a record made, the item is then cleaned, the data is wiped and the unit is then tested.

Once working a market value can be established and the PC can be sold, at that point there will be cash generated!

Part of which comes back to you and the balance of course will go to a company such as SITR that carries out the process.

Contact SITR to understand what value your old IT has and make sure that all your data is properly destroyed!



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