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Closed Loop Processing - For a Secure Service.

Recycled for Re-Use - Committed to Saving the Environment.

Confidential Documents - Our Regular Scheduled Collections.

SITR IT – IT Recycling Services

SITR is UK’s leading IT recycling company specialising in the removal, collection and disposal of redundant IT equipment. We offer our customers a national service with rapid local response and high levels of security from security vetted staff, giving you peace of mind that all your company’s confidential data is destroyed and the equipment disposed of in a compliant and environmentally responsible way.

Document Disposal Services – SITR Paper

If you need to shred documents, Tapes or other sensitive media, SITR Paper provides a wide range of Information Destruction & Document Disposal services to help you protect your reputation and dispose of unwanted information securely. SITR Paper keeps your confidential information secure while helping you to comply with industry regulations and the data protection act.

What We Do

A full audit trail can be if required recorded for every item we process from collection through to disposal and we are ISO 9001, 14001 & 27001 certified and members of NAID.

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How We Do It

The collection is made on the day and time of your choice using one of our vehicles and operated by a member of the SITR team. They will remove the items in situ and can perform onsite data destruction services.

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We pride ourselves in offering your company as much help as possible to safeguard your sensitive material between our visits with a variety of solutions such as lockable consoles for sensitive documents.

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All shredded material is then recycled at our paper mills for re-use as toilet tissue, writing paper etc. For every 1,000 kilos of paper recycled, approximately 14 trees and 2 cubic metres of landfill space can be saved.

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